Beth Durack | Projects
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Greb directed by Naomi Scutts and Produced by Kate Doroshenko, is a graduate film make in 2016.

In an island full of vibrant vegetation and wildlife, young Mort hasn’t yet mastered the art of catching bugs. In his quest to catch his first bug, he comes across a huge, juicy grub – the easiest bug he could ever catch. His attempt to catch it, however, is interrupted by a Kingfisher who has also taken a fancy for the large grub. Unwilling to give up his newly prized possession, Mort takes chase, grub in arm, in a daring escape from the bird.

I was excited to have even a small part in this production, and animated only a few shots for it, but I am very proud of this film and how far it has come and was very grateful to help in any way I could.